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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Giving money or gifts to the staff members is prohibited. All such intended contributions may be made to the ‘GSIS Employees Welfare Fund’.


The school will not be held responsible for any injury suffered by a student, during activities such as games, sport, swimming, mountaineering expedition and camping. A declaration that the school authorities will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences thereof is a statutory demand expected of the parents. However, in case of any emergency, on the advice of the medical authorities, the school will be given permission to carry out emergency actions. This will be resorted to when time is at a premium and it is difficult to contact the parents and obtain their permission.

Medical Records

The complete medical records of the child / ward must be furnished for perusal at the time of admission. The medical report that is submitted must invariably contain all the relevant medical information related to the child since birth.

Exam Certificates

The Final external examination certificates of a student should be collected from the school personally by the parents and not by any other person.

Non-payment of Fees

The school reserves the right to strike the name of a student off the Roll or stop him/her from appearing for any examination including external examinations for non-payment of fees and other dues before the commencement of such examinations.

Travel Arrangement

The School will not undertake to make the travel arrangements of the student if the requisition for the same is made after the date stipulated in the school circulars / calendar / diary, and for non payment of fess and dues.

Visit by Parents/Guardians

In exceptional cases and in emergencies they may visit their wards after obtaining written permission from the Principal / the Vice Principal. Only parents are allowed to take the children out from the school. The identity card entitles a person to visit a student only and not to take the student out.


Only parents are allowed to take the child out. Only in case of emergency, guardian nominated for any student (guardian has to be a blood relation and should be authorized by the parent), will be allowed to interact with the student. The school reserves its right to reject a guardian.


Smoking is strictly banned within the school premises for the students, parents, guardians and visitors. The school reserves the right to expel a student at any time for indulging in misconduct or any case of indiscipline. Such students, depending on the severity of the offence, may be escorted home and handed over to the parents at their expense and the TC will be issued immediately with the remark “expelled for misconduct”.


A student will be detained only once in a particular class. If the student concerned does not make substantial improvement to be promoted to the next class in the next promotion examination, he/she will have to be withdrawn from the school.


Parents are requested to inform the school well in advance of their decision to withdraw their child/children from Apple Tree – The World School. The under mentioned regulations will be applicable:

  • Request for withdrawal should be sent by an e-mail or letter duly signed by the Parent and addressed to the Principal, Apple Tree – The World School
  • There will be no levy of a Fine for the withdrawal request submitted on or before 31st January every year
  • If the request for withdrawal is submitted on or before 28th February, a sum of Rs. 3,000/- will be levied
  • In case the request for withdrawal is submitted on or before 31st March, a sum of Rs. 5,000/- will have to be paid
  • For Withdrawal request submitted after 31st March, a sum of 7,000/- will have to be paid
  • If the withdrawal request is submitted after 30th April, a sum of 9,000/- will have to be paid
  • For the withdrawal of a newly-admitted child at the request of the Parent after one month or during the Academic Year, only the Caution Deposit will be refunded after deducting Rs. 2,000/- and other dues if any
  • If there is a withdrawal in-between the Terms or during the Academic Year, full Term fees will have to be paid
  • If the dues are not paid as per the aforementioned stipulated regulations, the same will be deducted from the Caution Deposit
  • Students who wish to rejoin the school after the issuance of Transfer Certificate will be considered as ‘New Admission’. Please note that only the Registration Fee will be exempted
  • Please note that the Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the full and final settlement of all dues